Why Timeshare Makes More Sense than Hotels, Vacation Homes or RVs

Why timeshare? After all you've heard about timeshares, why in the world would a single mom with two teenage kids buy a timeshare? I know. Everybody told me not to, and everything I read told me it was a bad idea.

I was also in financial services, where timeshares are thrashed as being a complete waste of dollars that could be put towards investments instead.

Why timeshare? Well, I'm told I'm rather stubborn. I was desperate to take my high school kids traveling before they left home. TRAVEL was near the top of my "good parent" list and I was running out of time!

Take a look at the Lodging Facts and the reason we weren't traveling glares back at you! So I dug deeper and did my homework. Now I pay what averages out anywhere from $30-$70 per night and stay in first class condos instead of hotel boxes!


I don't know if the timeshare industry realizes it, but it's real easy to get negative information about timeshares, but quite difficult to get "nuts and bolts" information about how timeshare actually works.

It's hard to get the "good" information about timeshares that would make you decide to buy one, unless you're willing to subject yourself to the high pressure sales presentation.

Why Timeshare

I don't know about you, but for me that environment is not too conducive to evaluating anything except where the exit door is. It is flat-out insulting!

Why they chose to emulate the used car sales approach I'll never know.

Why they think we're not sophisticated enough to read, understand and evaluate without a desperate salesman blowing commission breath in our face I don't know.

I am out to prove how smart we really are when we have information -- knowledge is power.

Well anyway, if it's a secret, I'm about to reveal it. Why timeshare? Go ahead and put on your comfy slippers, turn on your favorite music and enjoy learning the "nuts and bolts" of timeshare in the peace of your living room. Ready for Timeshare 101? Let's get started.

Why Timeshare

Let's move on from Why Timeshare to What is a Timeshare. Everyone thinks developers invented timeshare to make money. Not true! Timeshare was invented by families like yours and mine!

Travel the world with Timeshare Exchange. Can't do that with a vacation home!

Timeshare Perpetuity Leave a legacy of first class dirt cheap vacations!

Want to see a head-to-head Timeshare vs Hotel comparison? This information will save you, oh, about $618,000 over the next 40 years!  

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