What are the Best Timeshares? That's Easy!

What are the best timeshares? Well, let's just cut to the chaste. One company makes this question so easy to answer! Worldmark is the best!

Now, before I explain all the reasons why this company stands so far above the rest, let me tell you that I'm not just an expert on Worldmark, I am also an expert on what I will call "traditional timeshares" because I own one of them.

I first purchased what is called a "two-bedroom lockout" at Polo Towers, a five-star resort on the Las Vegas strip, which gives me two weeks per year. So, I know the difference between traditional timeshares and Wyndham intimately.

What are the Best Timeshares

So why haven't I sold my Polo Towers timeshare? Because bottomline, it's worth much more to me than I could get selling it. Go to the Timeshare Scams page to see why.

I did follow all of my "BUY RIGHT" rules when I purchased Polo Towers -- it's just that Worldmark changed the rules! It still has value to me -- just not as much as Worldmark when we're talking about which is the best.

Here are my "BUY RIGHT" rules for timeshares, in general:

  • Perpetual Ownership
  • Deeded Interest
  • Floating Time
  • High Season
  • Exchange Capability
  • Trading Power
  • Price Reflects Value in Marketplace
  • Maintenance Fees Reflect Market
  • Rentable
  • Voting Rights
  • Owner's Association
  • Special Assessments Only by Owner Approval

This is the extent of the list I could expect when addressing What Are the Best Timeshares -- traditional timeshares, that is.

Worldmark? It includes all of the above -- exponentially. It might be easiest to explain by telling you the history of this company. (Yes, I really do like history to explain things, don't I.)

Worldmark began almost 20 years ago when Bill Peare, who had jumped on the timeshare bandwagon and was trying to sell his first timeshare, got the bright idea of surveying people who DIDN'T buy to find out why.

"Why" is one of my favorite words! You learn so much when you ask why! You know what he learned? He learned everything timeshare companies were doing wrong and created a timeshare product designed to overdeliver. (I know, I sound like a Worldmark spokesperson, but I can't help it! Don't you get excited when someone actually listens to you, and creates a product that is exactly what you wished for and more?)ant

What are the Best Timeshares


  • He learned that people couldn't always go for a week at a time, so he created his own "currency" he calls credits that allow you to go one night, one week, one month. Whatever you want! You can bank them for up to two years, and even four years, which I'll explain in a minute. I heard that Disney actually ridiculed him in the media for this and said it would never work. Guess who's now jumped in and tried to emulate this system? Yup! Disney -- and Hilton, and Marriott, and ...
  • He learned that people don't always want to go somewhere far away for vacation, so he created an axle strategy, building beautiful resorts within an easy drive from metropolitan areas. You think the rest of the timeshare industry didn't laugh their heads off at that? They were all building exotic and he was building for the rest of us!  
  • Wow! Now young families, big families, retired couples and people who just didn't want to fly far away had a timeshare concept just for them! Now timeshare was for the other 85% of the population!

    Not only could you go for a weekend because of credits, but it was just a short drive! What happened is people started getting away more -- that is the whole point!

    What are the Best Timeshares

  • He learned that people were afraid of losing their money, so he asked his lawyers and accountants how to completely separate the developer from the owners to protect them. They all came up with the brilliant idea of forming a non-profit owners' association (Worldmark) and made the process go like this -- once Wyndham (the developer) builds a resort, using cash from selling credits (no resort is allowed to be mortgaged) the resort is then deeded over debt-free to Worldmark, the non-profit owners' association. Each person who owns credits shares in a 100% deeded interest in ALL of the Worldmark properties, which are debt-free and protected. There are 60 resorts and growing!Guess what?! Your credits take you to any of them and all future Worldmark resorts! You get 60+ resorts for the price of one! This really had the rest of the timeshare industry shaking their heads, saying it will never work! Wyndham is now the largest vacation ownership company in the world!
  • He learned that people were afraid of maintenance fees inflating out of control, so he made sure that the Worldmark owner's association placed a cap in their bylaws of 5% per year. So far, maintenance fees have only increased a total of 6% over the last 18 years! That's where I got my 0.3% inflation rate for the Timeshare vs Hotel comparison page.
  • He learned that people were afraid of special assessments (I've had two of those since 2000 with Polo Towers to the tune of $1200 each time! It's supposedly voted on -- but I wonder!). With Worldmark, since the owners really are the only ones who have control and it is transparent, only those who share your interests are actually making decisions. As a result, Worldmark has never had a special assessment. It's also because they figured out how to make extra cash to avoid that situation -- genius! Read on!
  • He learned that people wanted even more access to their resort than their purchased time would give them. They felt, if I own it why can't I just book last minute if something's available! BAM! You got it! The timeshare industry sees a standard 30% cancelation rate. Things come up, plans change. So Worldmark has this cool thing called Bonus Time and Exotic Bonus Time that lets you book last minute trips and instead of using your credits, you just pay a little bit of cash! For instance, we called on a Friday to see if anything was available for Sunday, which was a holiday weekend for BC Day. There was a cancelation in Whistler, BC! An hour drive and next thing we know we're looking out over Whistler valley at sunset after an amazing dinner in the village. Five-star condo, Sunday night for $46! BOOM! Can you believe it! There's more cool twists to this part that I'll detail for you a bit later, the point is you have access to whatever's available and this is the extra cash generator that keeps special assessments at bay -- brilliant!
  • He learned that people had heard horror stories about timeshare owners not being able to exchange to go anywhere else. Well, he fixed that with one fell swoop when he created the concept of Worldmark. Let me ask you, if you own Worldmark credits that allow access to 60+ resorts and I own week 37 at Polo Towers, (though Polo Towers is at the top for trading power with traditional timeshares) who is going to have more trading power? Worldmark, of course! The exchange brokers, RCI and Interval International, love Worldmark so much that they give them an exclusive privilege no one else (even Polo Towers) has. It's called "Confirm First." Worldmark owners can see what is available for an exchange before they give up their credits. Everybody else (yes, including Polo Tower owners) have to "deposit" their time before even getting to see what is available!
  • He learned that some people had already bought timeshares they couldn't use and couldn't sell, so they certainly weren't about to buy another one. So, instead of trying to get them to sell their other timeshare to buy his, he came up with the brilliant idea of just exchanging their timeshare week(s) into credits! Added value. Amazing!
  • What are the Best Timeshares

    Okay, I know you're starting to understand why I'm so excited about recommending Worldmark when addressing What are the Best Timeshares! By the way, have you you heard of Wyndham before?

    When I was traveling for business I was familiar with them for their amazing beds with fluffy comforters and pillows (believe me, as a business traveler you start lusting after such things)!

    They are a higher end hotel chain. When you do things right you get noticed! Wyndham noticed what was going on and bought out Bill Peare. I understand he still shows up for the company golf tournament, though. 

    You know, it may seem weird that I know so much about Worldmark, but the people who work at the company act like family and they're happy to tell you the story of how their "family" began. It may now be the largest vacation ownership company in the world -- but it doesn't feel like it.

    Don't get me wrong. Unfortunately, just like everybody else in the timeshare industry, they have the whole "today" thing that makes it feel like high-pressure sales.

    They have the telemarketers who tell you you'll get a free trip and that you don't have to buy anything. Once you get there, even though they're nice and do seem like a family working for a company they love more so than other timeshares I've seen, the "today" thing becomes obvious quickly.

    They do try to explain that no one has ever come back if they don't decide that day, and they'll show you why they do need some "today" buyers because they give away lots of trips to Las Vegas and have to pay for them.

    But that's why I'm doing this site! You've asked What are the Best Timeshares, and I'm telling you straight-up. I want you to enjoy first class dirt cheap vacations for the rest of your life!

    I don't want you to miss out on the opportunity and at the same time, I don't want you to go through the torture of a high pressure sales presentation, trying to get the information you need to make a decision that's right for you.

    Nobody likes to make decisions under pressure -- but I WON'T, out of principle, make a decision when someone is applying completely unnecessary pressure on me. It is an insult to our intelligence. I'm here to prove that it is unnecessary.

    What are the Best Timeshares

    Who knows, maybe this site will invent a new way for people to buy timeshare, adding to the other great innovations Bill Peare came up with for Worldmark! Okay, maybe I'm getting a little off into fantasy land here.

    I'll plant my feet back on the ground and say that if I can help one person get the information they need to change their life, pressure-free, and enjoy a first class dirt cheap vacation every year for the rest of their life, I'll be happy with that!

    You see, even though I bought timeshares at those presentations, I had already done a lot of research before I went -- it wasn't easy, that's why I'm trying to share it with you to save you the hassle -- so it became a transaction instead of a presentation. I was in control.

    In an ideal world, you'd be able to contact Worldmark after reading this site and just draw up the paperwork, minus the cost of the high pressure sales presentation! Unfortunately, we're not quite there yet -- though I am trying!

    If Worldmark vacation ownership is not available in your area, use it as a benchmark to judge the timeshare companies you have to choose from. Even if your timeshare choice doesn't stack up 100%, make sure whatever timeshare you consider at the very least meets my Buy Right Rules!

    No matter which timeshare you decide to purchase, I hope this information helps to put you in control.

    In the end, we're all after the same thing -- uncomplicated, unforgettable vacations with the people we love!

    What are the Best Timeshares

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