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Using Timeshare. When those French families invented timeshare, it meant you went to the same place at the same time every year.

Well, they were very happy to be able to own a share of a charming chalet in the French Alps, and they probably traded around time with each other to be fair about sharing the best part of ski season.

They probably never imagined how their ingenious idea would morph into what it is today! And it is still morphing -- creating more and more variations of how you can use your timeshare.

I've already told you about timeshare exchange in Why Timeshare. You can trade your timeshare to go all over world. Wow! That in itself made me say, "Count me in!" I never imagined, when I bought my first timeshare in 2000, how my possibilities would expand!

I have a feeling the possibilities will soon become nearly endless! Hmmm, I've always wanted to do some serious flying in an Air Force jet, but never found the time to join up and learn how to be an elite pilot -- you think soon I can trade my timeshare for it?

Well, I'll keep dreaming. Meanwhile, let me tell you using timeshare now also means you can now trade for cruises, all-inclusive resorts, even houseboats, sailboats and yachts!

Imagine exchanging your timeshare for a private yacht with crew! You and your sweetheart on a yacht that is all yours for the week, complete with five-star service, luxurious dining and activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Why not?!

Yacht - using timeshare

Don't want to give up your time? You can also rent other owner's timeshares or take advantage of timeshare specials. Why ever stay in a hotel for leisure travel when you can enjoy a home away from home?

resort-on-water - Ussing timeshare

You can also rent out your timeshare if you'd like. God forbid, if one year you can't use all of your time, you can rent it. I can't imagine letting someone else use my precious time, but let's say one year I couldn't make the trade I wanted, but I decided to go to that location anyway.

Rio is a good example. There is one resort I'd like to trade for, but it seems pretty booked up well in advance. Okay, so maybe in that instance, if I had time that was about to expire, I'd rent it and rent someone else's in Rio.

Let's explore the possibilities!

Using timeshare

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