Stop the Dollar Bleeding!
Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

The "Dirt Cheap" Part

Let's do it! Take a look at this Timeshare vs Hotel comparison. It's time to stop the bleeding when it comes to your precious vacation dollars

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison
Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

It's hard to be exact with this Timeshare vs. Hotel comparison because everyone does things a little bit differently. So let me explain the assumptions in these tables & chart:

- I used AAA research for the hotel cost per night & the inflation rate and ARDA (the leading timeshare industry trade organization) research for the average timeshare cost. The chart depicts what the same two weeks would cost you at each year snapshot.

- I used an inflation calculator to figure out how much you'd spend for the same hotel room for the same amount of time, providing a snapshot every decade for 40 years. Remember we're talking about achieving a lifetime of first class dirt cheap vacations here!

- Based on my experience, I set the annual inflation for the maintenance fee at 0.3%.

- The standard financing for timeshare is 10 years. The $18,502 is paid off by 2018, leaving the maintenance fee as the only ongoing expense with timeshare. Take that maintenance fee and divide it by how many nights you can vacation at your resort per year, and there is your nightly cost -- for instance, if a maintenance fee is $750 divided by 14 nights, the nightly rate is $53./night!

The chart would be too hard to read, so I didn't put it in, but guess how much money you would have spent at the hotel accumulated over the next 40 years? $675,252!!!!!

This Timeshare vs. Hotel comparison does not include the food you have to buy at a restaurant when you stay in a hotel vs. being able to just spend your regular grocery budget with a timeshare because you have a full kitchen. (Okay, Mom's on vacation too, so everybody else pitch in to cook, if you want to save this money!)

Guess how much you would have spent for the timeshare accumulated over the next 40 years, which would include the average of $18,502 plus the annual maintenance fee inflated at .3%? Only $56,607!!!!! I just saved you $618,645 over the next 40 years!!!

And how much have I saved your children and your children's children?

Why do you think the major hotel chains are getting into the timeshare business? Hilton, Marriott, Disney? They see the writing on the wall.

You also see hotels scrambling to switch to building a condo floorplan, according to Hospitality Trends research.

While the hotel industry had another record year with $26.6 billion in clear profits, the timeshare industry achieved $10 billion in 2006, and has seen an 81% growth rate over the last five years, according to ARDA.

I've heard that there are more timeshare units being built now than hotel rooms. It won't take long!

The "First Class" Part

Looking at this Timeshare vs Hotel comparison, it's also time to stop trying to cram your family into a little hotel room, or even worse, pay for two hotel rooms when you go on vacation, and doubling the above numbers!

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

It's time to start enjoying first class dirt cheap vacations with your family in a home away from home. Look at the difference between what you've been paying for and what timeshare offers in this timeshare vs hotel comparison.

A hotel box compared to a first class studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and even 3-bedroom condo.

If you really like your extended family, now you can vacation together in the most sought after vacation locations around the world! Compare what awaits you with Timeshare vs Hotel:

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

Now some people tell me they don't always want to give up the pampering they receive in a five-star hotel, even when they see this timeshare vs hotel comparison -- daily maid service, room service, personal concierge.

Well don't. Go ahead and splurge once in awhile on a Four Seasons or a Ritz Carlton stay! But now, you'll have more money to spend being pampered in the spa as well, because you'll have saved so much money overall! (I would also suggest you try first class all-inclusive resorts which you can access through your timeshare -- you may never go back to any hotels!)

Believe me, I used to live in hotels four nights a week. They aren't going anywhere! Business travelers still need hotels, and they come in handy for those last minute trips when something through your timeshare might not be available. So I'll spend on a hotel when it's a necessity for convenience sake -- but for vacation? Come on!

When you look at this Timeshare vs Hotel comparison, why would I waste my money to stay in a hotel box at a 100% loss during sacred vacation time every year?!

Is it just me, or does daydreaming about your next vacation get you through tough days, too?! Or maybe you're feeling a little disconnected from the people you love the most -- can't wait to reconnect and spend undivided attention on each other during your next vacation in some great place where you can all have a blast together!

Can you even put a price on your memories?

Timeshare vs Hotel Comparison

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