Timeshare Voting Rights -
Buy Right Rule Number Ten

Timeshare Voting Rights

Timeshare voting rights. The last thing you want to do is buy a timeshare without them!

Not only do you need to make sure that the timeshare you purchase gives you as an owner the right to vote on issues that affect your investment, but you need to make sure that the voting process is audited by an outside, independent firm whose credentials you can verify.

Why is this important?

Just imagine handing someone an average of $18,000 for a timeshare, then you having no say in how the timeshare is managed, whether or not it is expanded, sold and whatever else you can imagine a developer could do out of complete self-interest.

Timeshare Voting Rights

Who is protecting your interests?

You have to make sure that you can! Make sure you have voting rights so that you and your associate owners can steer the ship! Other owners have interests in common with you -- after all, once the timeshare is sold out, you all own the resort, not the developer. Why should any one else but you decide what is and isn't in your best interest?

Now, that being said, once you have timeshare voting rights -- you need to vote! Don't ignore those voting opportunities that come in the mail.

Read them, do your homework, research what other owners are saying to make your decision -- then vote!

Unlike a vacation home you own all by yourself, it's true you don't have to give your timeshare much thought except when it's time to vacation.

But if you want to keep it the pleasant place you purchased that holds or even increases in value, you have to take the time to vote.

Voting rights are important to ensure your vacation continues to meet and exceed your expectations year after year.

Timeshare Voting Rights

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