Timeshare Trading Power:
Buy Right Rule Number Six

Timeshare trading power. Don't buy a timeshare without it -- plain and simple.

This is how the trading game works with timeshare. If you want to trade you have to have something someone wants to trade for! Makes sense, right?

If you buy a timeshare next to a cornfield in Nebraska, what are the chances that RCI and II are going to be able to find people who want to spend their vacations next to a cornfield in Nebraska?

Timeshare Trading Power

Timeshare trading power is simply about supply and demand. It's important for you to learn about the timeshare marketplace before you buy. For instance, I purchased my timeshare at Polo Towers in Las Vegas because there is a high demand.

Not only is there high demand for Las Vegas, but there is really high demand to be on the strip. Polo Towers is on the strip, in the thick of it all.

Let's contrast Las Vegas demand with say Florida demand. There is a lot of demand for Florida, right? You would think that the demand would be equal, or even possibly more for Florida.

Would I recommend you buy timeshare in Florida? No! Why? Because there's too much timeshare supply! Developers have over-saturated the Florida market with timeshares, especially around Disney World.

When owners of these timeshares go to trade through RCI or II, from RCI and II's point of view, it's "Oh, another Florida timeshare. We already have so many to try to trade. 

We won't make any money if we can't trade them. We'd better start turning Florida timeshares away until we get the ones we have traded."

Timeshare Trading Power

Florida timeshares all bunched together don't have the timeshare trading power you need to be looking for!

It's all just common sense, if you stop and think about it. Make sure you're thinking about it, rather than letting a persuasive salesperson "think" for you!

You know, my best pick, Worldmark took trading power to a whole new level! Review What are the Best Timeshares and The Best Bottomline.

Their "spoke strategy" of building timeshares within a couple hours of metro areas was brilliant! They stepped out of the "exotic," "exclusive" box and are building timeshares for the rest of us within an easy drive from where we live. They have tropical, too, but they have a different focus about it.

To take it even further, once you own credits you own a share of 60 resorts and growing. Do you think RCI and II will be jumping up and down to get you to trade your credits?

You bet they will! How easy is it for them to be able to offer a trade with a selection of over 60 resorts to choose from? They get 60+ resorts for one!  They appreciate you trading your credits so much, they have exclusive incentives just for Worldmark owners.

For instance, you get to confirm where you want to trade into BEFORE you turn over your credits. When I use my Polo Towers, I have to give them my trade before I can choose where I want to trade into!

Timeshare trading power is a big deal if you like to get what you want. The availability issue never goes away, of course. The early bird gets the best worm.

As long as you plan ahead, timeshare trading power will get you where you want to go!


Timeshare Trading Power

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