Timeshare Pros and Cons: Is Timeshare for You?


Timeshare Pros and Cons. You know what cracks me up the most about how timeshare companies try to sell their product? They expect you to make an $18,000+ decision TODAY!

To make it even worse, you weren't in the market for a timeshare, they got you to come in by dangling a trip for two to Vegas.

They claim that you would NEVER be "in the market" for a timeshare, so they have to bribe you.

If you had a source of information about timeshares, maybe you would be "in the market." Now you do. (see Buying a Timeshare). 

If you decide you're "in the market," after considering this Timeshare Pros and Cons and the information in Buying a Timeshare, you can just skip the whole dog and pony show.

Until now, you haven't had the ability to really research timeshare like you would research a car and car company before going to the dealership, but they think you're going to spend as much or more than you spend on a car with them based on 90 minutes of high pressure sales information!

You have no chance to "check their story" or double-check or verify anything. Ewwww, makes me feel like I need a shower -- slimy! I call that the "Slick Willy" approach. It's incredibly insulting!

In the car business they call it a "lay-down", as if it is some kind of game, if you just come into the dealership to make the transaction and drive away in your new car.

The salesperson feels pretty proud of themselves, like they had something to do with your decision -- well, hopefully they were helpful and didn't get in your way, but your decision was already made, based on research and careful consideration before you showed up!

It's the same in the timeshare business and they use the same term!

Well, they can call it whatever they want, if we decide to buy a timeshare we just want to come in to complete the transaction and skip the high pressure sales presentation all together.

Let's take a look at Timeshare Pros and Cons.

Timeshare Pros & Cons table

Now these Timeshare Pros and Cons are based on the assumption that you follow my Buy Right Rules (see Buying a Timeshare). 

If you follow my Buy Right Rules and the timeshare you are considering possesses all of the criteria a good timeshare should, then I maintain this Timeshare Pros and Cons table to be accurate.

I already told you which timeshare I believe to be the best and why in Buying a Timeshare.

So in my Timeshare Pros and Cons how can I maintain that there is only one item in the Cons column, you might be wondering. That's not what you've heard, right?

You've heard that the there are a lot of cons to owning timeshare, right? We're not going to address the negatives you've heard in the Timeshare Pros and Cons because someone ignored the Buy Right Rules.

So what is left? Using it!

Remember the health club membership you bought in January?

You were bound and determined that this year you were going to start working out and achieve the fitness level you've always dreamed of, right?

You were so committed that you signed a one year contract, and the membership fee is coming out of your account every month, whether you keep that commitment to yourself or not.

How's it going? Have you achieved your fitness goals? I would love it if you say yes! If you can say yes, then timeshare is definitely for you! You know that you are in a small minority though, if you can answer yes, right?

You know that!

Life gets in the way, priorities get foggy and we slowly lose sight of our best intentions. Even though that money is coming out of your account every month, no one is coming to your house, rounding you up and getting you to the club, right?

The only way we can keep these type of commitments is to have a plan beyond paying the money!

When you look at the Timeshare Pros and Cons, you must admit vacations are the same way, aren't they? The year starts ticking by and your work is piling up, and you just might have to use your vacation week off to "catch up."

Some people do take the week off, but they use it to do renovations on the house!

There will always be as many reasons not to vacation as there are to not workout, as there are to not do so many things just for you and your marriage and your family

Be honest with yourself when you look at the Timeshare Pros and Cons. It is never about time and it is never about money. it is about PRIORITIES. It is about COMMITMENT.

We all spend our time and our money on what is most important to us. What are you spending your time and your money on? Is there a match between what you profess your priorities to be and what the time and money records prove your priorities are?

That is what this Timeshare Pros and Cons is all about. I'm telling you, if a single mom can make this happen anyone can! Timeshare stands so far above other vacation options. It is about nothing other than whether you are committed to taking vacations every year with the people you love.

It's your decision.

It's your life...

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