Timeshare Perpetuity:
Let First Class Dirt Cheap Vacations Be Your Legacy

Timeshare Perpetuity. One of the most important criteria for a good timeshare is the ability to pass it on to your children and your children's children. 

Review my Buy Right Rules and you'll find it there.

Perpetuity and timeshares is a big deal! A number of timeshares don't provide you with timeshare perpetuity.

They have things like 40 year right-to-use, or just a membership that expires when you expire. Stay away from those timeshares!

Hopefully, you've already read Buying a Timeshare for my recommendations on the best timeshare.

Mom & Daughter

Why should you settle for less than timeshare perpetuity? You begin building a tradition of first class dirt cheap family vacations as soon as you purchase your timeshare.

Every year your resort directory comes to your mailbox. You schedule an evening, taking time out from soccer, karate, ballet and late night meetings, to pop some popcorn and bake some brownies -- it's family vacation shopping night!

You've been faithfully racking up Grocery Miles all year, and you check and see that you have enough for your whole family to fly anywhere in the world! Wow! They really added up!

So everyone gets to throw in a suggestion of where in the world they'd like to go and then you all look through your resort directory at those places in the world to see what cool resorts there are and what activities they offer. Cool!

Some resort locations draw you in and you narrow your choices down to two. Then you summarize what each location has to offer and vote. Yippee! You're now ready to book your first class dirt cheap vacation

Once you're there, you walk into a wonderful home away from home. It's clean, well-appointed and safe. You have everything you need and plenty of room.

Since you are only paying the maintenance fee and exchange fee for your timeshare, and everyone's going to pitch in with the vacation cooking, the majority of your vacation dollars can go towards all the fun activities there are to do! 

No distractions, no cell phones, no laptops, no carpooling, no co-workers, no homework.

At least once a year, your children have your undivided attention, your mate has your undivided attention.

You may be bring your parents as well and they get to enjoy priceless time with their grandchildren.

This is it! This is all life is really about. The rest of your life is just "means" to this "end." Do you realize that? These are the moments when you feel utterly blessed.

These are the moments you and your children will always remember. These are the moments you will always cherish. Everything else just falls away.

This is the legacy you then leave your children. This tradition of first class dirt cheap vacations.

Now do you see why perpetuity and timeshares is such a big deal? Timeshare perpetuity is a must!

Actions speak louder than words, right? Lead by example, right? This "action" says love relationships and family are the most important things to the people you love -- without saying a word.

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