Timeshare Perpetual Ownership:
Buy Right Rule Number One

Timeshare Perpetual Ownership

Timeshare Perpetual Ownership. When buying a timeshare you can't afford to settle for less than forever ownership and you shouldn't have to!  

That means you possess a deed in your name that passes down to your children, or whomever you wish, as part of your estate.

Never, ever, ever buy a timeshare that doesn't give you and your family timeshare perpetual ownership.

You do and you negate one of the primary reasons why timeshare can save you so much money on vacation accommodations!

See Timeshare Perpetuity, Timeshare Equity and Are Timeshares a Good Investment to understand why I say this.

In a nutshell, the real value of timeshare is USE. You realize the savings and value when you, your family and your generations to come use your timeshare to vacation each year.

You no longer are staying in a hotel box on your vacations, paying costs that have inflated anywhere from 7% to 10% each year for the last 40 years!

It sounds absurd in the 21st century, that a developer would offer you any less than timeshare perpetual ownership.

Can you believe there are still some developers trying to pull this? For instance, some developers are offering a 40-year lease and then they get to take it back and lease it again and again! The cost?

They are "leasing" timeshare for as much as you can purchase timeshare perpetual ownership! Don't do it!

I know you plan to vacation until the day you die, which for most of us, God willing, is longer than 40 years and then what about passing a tradition of first class dirt cheap vacations on to your children?

There are also some developers who sell a "membership" which gives you the right-to-use during the term of the membership.

Again, why would you do this rather than have timeshare perpetual ownership? The whole idea is to stop renting and start owning!

It comes down to the same logic of why you decide to own a home rather than rent a house -- once you've paid it off, you're saving an enormous amount of money over the long run!

And with timeshare perpetual ownership, you only pay a maintenance fee, letting someone else worry about maintenance and repair headaches.

Timeshare perpetual ownership -- don't settle for less, you deserve the best!

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