Timeshare Market Value:
Buy Right Rule Number Seven

Timeshare Market Value

Timeshare Market Value. A timeshare will save you oodles of money over your lifetime (review Timeshare vs Hotel) -- but that's no reason to pay too much!

You've probably heard about the timeshare retail vs resale debate (see Timeshare Retail vs Resale for how I weigh in on that issue).

Bottomline, I'm not willing to give up the developers added value or accountability.

That being said, ARDA reports that the average price paid for retail timeshare was $16,868 in 2010. 

That's a timeshare that should, at least, meet all of my Buy Right Rules. Why would you possibly pay more than that?

I wouldn't be willing to pay much more than that when it comes to market value! Some timeshare developers will try to get you to pay quite a bit more than that -- claiming market value for their timeshare is much higher and their location justifies the huge jump in price.

That just doesn't make any sense to me personally! If I want to stay at their timeshare and they're a member of RCI or II (never buy a timeshare that isn't) I can trade into their timeshare for around $200/week!

Why would I buy there? I am assuming you want to vacation in more than one location, too.

You want to focus on getting the best price you can when considering timeshare market value that at least meets my Buy Right Rules.

Because trading power is a big factor, you will be using your timeshare as a tool to trade for vacations around the world.

The location, location, location alarm only goes as far as trading power in this game, which is a great thing -- don't let someone convince you otherwise.

Follow this Buy Right Rule on market value for your timeshare and you'll enjoy a lifetime of vacations with the people you love that much more!

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