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Timeshare Lifestyle. That's right! It's just not a vacation, it becomes a lifestyle! Using your timeshare, and learning how to maximize it's use, becomes the fun part of your life. You now have a vacation plan! All you

have to do is go vacation shopping when your sumptuous resort directories come in the mail. Nothing's left to trying to find last minute deals. You have a plan, you are set! You'll wonder how you ever did without it!

A timeshare lifestyle is all of the wonderful things about owning a vacation home without the hassles (and expense)! I come and I go. No repairs, no maintenance, no million-dollar mortgage, no worries!

Owning a timeshare creates a space in your life for leisure. It's a space you get to enjoy with your mate, your family or just yourself at least once a year. If you're really maximizing your timeshare, you're getting to enjoy it's benefits much more than once a year!

Weekend Getaways

How about those weekend getaways? Add one weekend getaway a month and you'll literally view your life differently! You'll begin to see what I mean by timeshare lifestyle.

With my best pick, I get to snap up cancelations and vacancies with short notice, and pay from about $30-$70 per night. You know what I'm doing every chance I get! Once you experience this timeshare lifestyle, vacationing and even weekends will never be the same!


How about those precious anniversaries? Whether just the two of you want to escape or it's a big one and the whole family wants to have an anniversary bash, making arrangements to have it at one of the beautiful resorts would be lovely.

Everyone can go home after the party, and the two of you can stay and canoodle! How's that for a timeshare lifestyle!

Weddings & Receptions

Let's see how far we can expand this timeshare lifestyle. I'm planning to hold my daughter's wedding reception at one of the beautiful resorts in Aspen.

It's perfect! With a little help from Martha Stewart (well, okay, her magazines), I plan to throw a "home-made" wedding party.

I plan to book the resort the week before and just move my "wedding event planner" self to my home-away-from-home and create away! I have a full kitchen, so I can even throw the rehearsal dinner at the resort.

We'll have the wedding on a mountain top, then come back to the resort for the reception. Ready for this timeshare lifestyle yet?


Honeymoon? Got it covered! I'll include a week to their choice of 4500 resorts in over 100 countries around the world! Wow! Do you know what that would have cost me at say $300-$500 for a first class resort per night?

I'll be having a "welcome to the family" (wedding reception in disguise) party for my son and his sweet mate once they move from France to the LA area in the near future and I'll do the same thing! Easy!

Of course, I'll once again be able to throw in a week on me in some exotic locale (we just won't call it a "honeymoon," just a getaway!)

My husband and I plan to renew our vows, too. Guess where I'm going to have it? You guessed it! We were married in Sri Lanka, just the two of us, which was incredibly romantic, but none of our family was there.

Okay! I confess! It's an excuse to have a party, and have fun with our family!

Family Reunions

Family reunions? Find out how to book a group of condos to throw a family reunion. So many beautiful locations to choose from. I'm sure there's one that is centrally located.

Our family used to try to crowd into a Hampton Inn -- now I have a much better idea! We can BBQ and enjoy the resort amenities together with ease. Arrangements vary from resort to resort, and this will take considerable lead time, so plan ahead!

Extended Family Vacations

Wonder what it would be like to go dig into your roots with your parents and your children along? There's plenty of room for everyone! Or how about when you become the grandparents -- how fun to travel with your grown children and your grand babies! The nuclear family may have replaced the extended family in our culture, but timeshare lifestyle vacations are one way to reconnect the generations. We are really looking forward to traveling with our grown children and their mates a lot -- before grand babies and after!

Client Appreciation

Own a business? Client Appreciation doesn't get any better! Can you think of a better way to reward your clients for their loyalty to you than to give them a weekend stay at a first class villa away from it all? Do you think you might have some substantial referrals coming your way?

Community Charities

Involved in community charities? Why not donate a weekend stay for your church raffle, or you children's school auction, or as a prize to be given away by your favorite charity to a deserving volunteer! Talk to your accountant -- you make be able to deduct something from your taxes!

Social Groups

Belong to a group you really enjoy? If there's only 8 of you or less, you could book a 3 bedroom villa and all getaway! Perhaps you and your church group would like to go on a trip. By the way, here's a site with some ideas: http://www.christian-websource.com/index.html. Gifts for Family & Friends

How about gifts for family and friends? What an awesome wedding gift, college graduation gift, anniversary gift -- you name it! Of course, I'm going to make sure I save enough for myself!

There are so many ways to enjoy a timeshare lifestyle! I hope this site can be a valuable resource to show you how. Review

Why Timeshare and Buying a Timeshare.

A timeshare lifestyle, more than anything else I know, affords you priceless quality time with the ones you love.

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