Timeshare Floating Time:
Buy Right Rule Number 3

Timeshare Floating Time. Sounds like science fiction, I know, but the concept of floating time in timeshares is crucial.

Remember our French family who started it all (see What is a Timeshare)? They wanted to own a chalet in the French Alps, so they talked to their friends and family and each purchased a certain amount of time at the chalet.

They then had a particular week that they owned when they could vacation at the chalet. They had what is referred to as "fixed time."

When the timeshare industry began you could only buy "fixed time." You chose a particular week at a particular resort and the thinking was that you would spend that week every year at that resort for your annual vacation. 

It was still a great improvement on buying a vacation home all on your own, paying a premium and dealing with ongoing maintenance and repairs all on your own, just to spend a week there every year.

family-boys-Timeshare Floating Time

But times change and people's lives change. You think it's hard to get the whole family to a sit down dinner every night? Try getting your whole family on a vacation the same week every year these days -- or on a whole week vacation period!

Now, back in the Leave it to Beaver days, only "father" had a schedule, right? Everyone else's schedule worked around his job schedule. And his job? Well, he worked at the same company for his entire life and very possibly had the same week off every year.

Whew! How things have changed! Some things for the better, some not so much for the better! We forget we are ultimately in charge of our lives because everyone else in our lives (including our children -- they now need a daytimer, too) is trying to convince us THEY are.

And they succeed unless we stand up for ourselves, our relationship time, our family time and our vacation time! Everyone is always trying to tell us what our priorities are, with their agenda placed at the top.

Well, anyway, back to timeshare floating time. The whole fixed time thing wasn't working anymore. This was a big reason why people felt like they had wasted their money on timeshare because there was no flexibility when their lives were demanding it.

Timeshare floating time was born. For instance, I have a week at Polo Towers, but it is a floating week, so I can visit Polo Towers anytime of the year, using my week in my condo, or any other condo, based on availability.

I just need to book no more than 60 days in advance of when I want to arrive. But I still have to book an entire week.

Floating Days are Better Than Floating Weeks

That is good, but Worldmark did it one way better! Review The Best Bottomline to see what I'm talking about. They devised a credit system. I buy credits of time rather than weeks of time! That means time is measured in nights, not weeks. I can book any day that is available in any of their resorts!

So, with the ability to stay days rather than weeks, floating days vs. floating weeks, I have ultimate flexibility to meet today's crazy world head on!

But, don't forget, availability is ALWAYS a factor. That is something that will never change. It's simple supply and demand -- the early bird gets the worm, if you're looking to go a particular place at a particular time.

If you have ultimate flexibility in your schedule and can go on the fly, then you're willing to take what is available last minute.

Timeshare floating time -- the concept is that simple. Make sure you don't lock yourself into less.


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