Timeshare Exchange:
Necessity is the Mother of Fun!

Timeshare Exchange.  You've heard how Necessity is the Mother of Invention, right? Well in this case, it is also the innovation that spells fun! 

Traveling the world has never been so easy and so safe as through timeshare exchange. When the French families who invented timeshare came up with their plan to share ownership of a chalet in the French Alps, they didn't realize the seed they planted.

Figures aren't in yet on a global basis, but take the $69 billion generated by timeshare travel in the United States alone in 2009, and imagine that multiplied many times over!

And we're just getting started! A global organization called GATE has recently been formed to provide cohesion to the timeshare industry on a global level.

They should soon be able to provide us with world-wide timeshare exchange information.


The whole thing started when people who bought into a timeshare resort started complaining that they were tired of going to the same place at the same time every year.

Resorts Condominium International (RCI) saw their opportunity and took it! They realized they could broker trades between timeshare owners for a small fee, enabling them to switch it up! Brilliant idea!

Timeshare would never be the same -- thank goodness! Now RCI provides about 4000 exchange opportunities.

Another company, Interval International (II) saw an opportunity to just focus on high-end timeshare in order to ensure their members' accommodations didn't go below a certain level of luxury. They also were well received and focus on about 1500 timeshare exchange opportunities.

Between these two exchange brokers they have a little over 100 countries around the world covered -- and growing by leaps and bounds!

You simply join either (I suggest you become a member of both) for a small fee (under $100 a year), trade your time at your timeshare for a selected timeshare somewhere else and pay RCI or II around $200 US for each exchange, a little more or a little less.

They make all the arrangements for you. It's a snap!

GATE predicts that Dubai will become the next huge timeshare opportunity. Well, I'd much rather trade into Dubai through a timeshare exchange then pay, oh, about $1850./night for a suite in the Burq Al Arab hotel.

I know I'm giving up the chauffeured Rolls Royce, private butler and other pretentious luxuries, and it is a pretty novelty, shaped like a billowing sail, but I'll have about $1650 left to do things in Dubai instead! And there's a lot to do!

Unless an area has been having a hard time politically since timeshare started in the 1960s, you'll find timeshare exchange opportunities. For instance, Russia. It's just still pretty unstable, so there's not a lot of timeshare exchange available!

You won't run out of places to go I'm certain! You can exchange into a castle in Edinburg or a palace in India! You can exchange into a houseboat, a sailboat, a yacht or an all-inclusve cruise if you want!

The timeshare exchange opportunities only continue to multiply, so what corner of the world do you want to explore next?

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