Timeshare Easy Meal Prep -
A Delicious Vacation Solution!


A vacation means a vacation from EVERYTHING for EVERYONE! It doesn't mean a vacation for Dad and the kids while Mom continues to cook, or vice versa if Dad's the cook!

I've heard Moms say they don't want to buy a timeshare because it has a kitchen! Who wants to cook on vacation? I totally understand -- so I don't! But with Timeshare Easy Meal Prep I still get to enjoy the healthy goodness of home-cooked meals while I'm on vacation, if I choose to.

Let's face it! If you're like me, I can only take so much restaurant food, even if I'm eating in fine restaurants! And if I'm pinching pennies to go swimming with the dolphins, then I don't want to pay for restaurant food every night on vacation.

With Timeshare Easy Meal Prep I can also save up to splurge on a very expensive restaurant!

You want to know how I do it? Well, I have a confession. I've decided to take a permanent vacation from cooking -- I don't cook when I'm home, either! I bake, (I love to bake -- thank God my husband loves to eat what I bake) but I don't cook.

I use an Easy Meal Prep service! Have you heard of them yet? I'm telling you, it's a brilliant concept! We actually save money! They do all of the planning, shopping, slicing and dicing.

All my husband and I do is waltz in once a month, put on our aprons and move from station to station throwing the recipes together, while we have a nice cup of tea (or bring our favorite wine) and jig to the great music! They do all the clean-up, too!

Poof! Amazing, better than restaurant-quality food, minus any shortcuts or preservatives, (or chili - I'm allergic!) for an entire month put together in less than an hour! Then we just bring it home and freeze it.

When we're ready to eat it, we just follow the easy directions. Nearly every recipe just takes one foil-lined pan (for almost no clean-up) and less time to heat up then a "cardboard" TV dinner! And the results are in a different galaxy than a TV dinner!

We rarely go to restaurants anymore except for maybe tea and dessert! Why would you want to do anything other than Timeshare Easy Meal Prep when you go on vacation?

Now we only go shopping for fresh fruits & vegetables, dairy and bread items each week! Timeshare Easy Meal Prep, from an economical point of view, saves money because we have no waste.

We are only buying meals rather than all of the ingredients, so I can have a pinch of fresh ginger in my Thai coconut chicken without having a bunch left over! It's economies of scale.

We use an easy meal prep service here in Vancouver. They just buy the fresh ingredients for all of the orders, so they have no waste either.

We just go online a few days before we want to assemble our meals and order enough for a month from the menu, pay with a credit card (you got it, our miles card so we can earn Grocery Miles), and then just show up to put the food together.

Timeshare Easy Meal Prep, from a health & variety standpoint, we know the meals we are preparing are fresh and healthy because we are putting the ingredients together ourselves.

I can tell you we eat better than we ever have! So much delicious variety, with recipes I would have been too chicken to try. It's like eating in a different country every night! Thai, for instance. I can't eat chili.

My first encounter with Thai food was traumatic! I love trying new things and the dish said it had peanuts, which sounded really good to me.

They assumed I knew about the chili! I really did think I was going to die! But now I can have Thai food, and just leave out the chili because I'm putting the ingredients together myself.

Let's see, what do I have in my freezer right now? Let me check -- Wow! Here we go:

Apricot Chicken with warmed sun-dried apricots and a deliciously sweet and tangy sauce.

Bob Marley Tenderloins - a little jerk spicing rubbed onto beautiful tenderloins, baked to perfection with a generous portion of pineapple salsa.

Cape Malay Bake (Bobotie) - This is a dish from Cape Town. Ground beef is combined with mild curry powder, raisins, onions, spices and sweet apricot chutney and then baked.

Coconut Peanut Chicken - An Asian satay favorite with whole breasts of chicken with hints of basil, marinated in a coconut infusion, served with yummy peanut sauce.

Cottage Country Pork Chops - Canadian maple syrup, dijon and herbs combine for a sweet/savory taste, great for grilling.

Lakeside Salmon Grill - Hints of Hickory Smoke, Orange Zest, brown sugar and spices top WILD Pacific salmon fillets.

Mayan Riviera Style Chicken - flavored with achiote seeds, garlic and spices. It's based on a Mexican dish from the Yucatan Peninsula called chicken pibil.

Mexican Lasagna - Layers of tortillas are filled with spicy ground beef, ricotta, homemade marinara and Cheddar cheese.

Shrimp with Roasted Garlic and Lime Cream - Flavors of roasted garlic, shallots, lime and cream top yummy tiger shrimp.

Steak Santorini - A butterflied flank steak filled with yummy greek style goodies, green olives, feta and sundried tomatoes on the inside and a marinade of olive oil and oregano on the outside. MMMMMMM.

Stuffed Burgers - grade AAA beef stuffed with individually tailored goodies from emmenthal cheese to mushrooms!

Summer Night Steaks - Flat iron steaks marinated in a delicious blend of olive oil, balsamic, garlic and herbs, perfect for the grill.

Tilapia in Pineapple Ginger Sauce - an Asian inspired dish with hoisin, lime, garlic and wine.

Sole with Miso Glaze - Miso, sake, hoisin, brown sugar, ginger and garlic combine to glaze this delicate white fish.

Are you hungry yet?! With Timeshare Easy Meal Prep all of the dishes include your choice of "sides" from frozen vegetables to several varieties of rice or pasta. The owners of my easy meal prep service own restaurants as well. You can tell they love what they do! And I REALLY love what they do!

So, what are we going to do when we go on our timeshare vacations? Before we go, we're going to locate an Easy Meal Prep place through this directory, http://www.easymealprep.com, and place our order.

Once we arrive we'll run and assemble our meals, grab some dairy, produce and bread from a nearby grocery store -- then enjoy the rest of our vacation!

It makes vacation food so easy! We have everything we need already there in the condo kitchen, and if we're really being lazy, we'll get some paper plates & plastic cutlery, so we don't have but a pan or two to wipe clean.

Our vacation stays focused on activities and relaxing with timeshare easy meal prep, and then we just go to the restaurants we really want to go to, instead of feeling like we have to eat out every night.

I also like eating breakfast in our condo. I don't know about you, but I'm hungry when I wake up! It is so nice not to have to "get ready" to go to breakfast like you do at a hotel!

And then, we may decide to stay in one evening, pop popcorn, bake some of those Toll House chocolate chip cookie squares and enjoy a sunset from our balcony. Ahh, romantic, huh?

See? Timeshare Easy Meal Prep is easy as pie and yummy as icecream!

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