Timeshare Cruises Trade a Resort for a Floating City!

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Timeshare Cruises. I'm sure those French families who invented timeshare so they could own a chalet in the French Alps had no idea what would come of their ingenious idea!

Did you have any idea you can now trade your timeshare for a cruise? All you need to do is pay a little more for the "all-inclusive" part!

Cruises that were thousands of dollars are now hundreds! Hopefully you already read my recommendations on which timeshare to buy in Buying A Timeshare.

Once you purchase a timeshare and belong to RCI and Interval International, the timeshare exchange brokers who make all the trade arrangements for you, you can exchange your timeshare for a cruise the same way you exchange for a different resort. Bam! You have a Timeshare Cruise!

RCI is the largest exchange broker, with approx. 4000 trade opportunities to choose from, including cruises. Interval International focuses on high-end resorts, and has a timeshare cruises program called Interval Options when you upgrade to a gold membership for not much more.

Either way, it's simple to trade. With cruises you need to plan ahead, just like you do with any prime time vacation travel. Nobody can change the availability factor!

If you've figured how to have whatever you want whenever you want it, then either you should be writing this site instead of me or your wasting money!

Well, remember, I'm after First Class Dirt Cheap Cruises -- so I'm not willing to pay ridiculous amounts for "instant" availability, and I plan ahead! You just call up either RCI or II and tell them what you want.

If you ARE trying to plan sort of last minute, then flexibility is the order of the day. If you call up and say, "what cruises do you have sailing this month anywhere in the world," then you'll probably come up with a delightful timeshare cruise -- if you can get there!

I've found the travel specialists at RCI and II to be very helpful. You can even trade for a houseboat, or a sailboat or a yacht!

I also have to tell you about my very favorite way to do a cruise. Ice Gallery. They were part of the package I got from Polo Towers, and they're a huge reason why I won't give Polo Towers up!

Wyndham doesn't currently have an agreement with Ice Gallery -- hey, if the top Wyndham brass ever read this, this is the only thing I can think of to improve Worldmark vacation ownership!

That would push me from enthusiastic to ecstatic! See Buying a Timeshare.

Timeshare Cruises

During my crazy business traveler days, I actually booked my first timeshare cruise through Ice Gallery flying down the highway between my Lawton & Oklahoma City client offices.

I know you aren't supposed to talk on your cell phone while you're driving, but it is a very straight (boring) stretch. I remember I was in a metallic blue mustang convertible rental car upgrade, too!

Anyway, I told the guy I couldn't write anything down so I was really depending on him to help me out, and email me all of the details.

He was splendid! He made sure and asked all the questions I hadn't thought of, and he saved me even more money on the all-inclusive fee because he knew his stuff!

I think he told me of a couple other departures choices that would save me money, if I had the flexibility in my schedule. That is priceless!

When I got back to my hotel that night, I had everything neatly wrapped up in an email from him. Ice Gallery allows me to not only trade for timeshare cruises, but as a member I have access to amazing cruise deals even without giving up my timeshare week! Because they trade cruises for timeshares, they then have timeshare specials as well.

I notice every time I go to their website that their services are expanding. I can find total last minute travel packages, including air, as well as really great resort deals.

Timeshare cruises are definitely something you don't want to miss! The all-inclusive fee you pay varies depending on the usual variables -- season, location, length of cruise, etc. I've seen a cruise advertised for $1500 reduced to $400 with a timeshare trade.

You can't lose -- and that's the only way to travel!

Timeshare Cruises

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