Timeshare Appraisals:
Don't Fall For It!


Timeshare Appraisals? Ridiculous! This is probably the most absurd of all the rackets unscrupulous people have come up with to leech off of timeshare owners who have buyer's remorse.

Having my Real Estate Broker's license came in handy for my financial planning practice before I retired.

Knowing how real estate appraisals are performed, someone claiming that they can perform timeshare appraisals is appalling!

Real appraisals for real estate are often dubious and subjective as it is. 

Case in point, I had a little 3 acre farm with a restored 1931 farmhouse in Colorado. Appraisers couldn't figure out how to appraise it!

 It was very hard to get credible appraisals on it because of how unique it was, appraisers couldn't find any comparables that had recently sold or that were for sale in order to place a market value on it.

That kind of thing happens all the time in real estate.

Someone is going to try to tell me they can value my fractional-ownership in a timeshare? Geez Louise! At least with real estate you have a fairly reliable MLS directory to go by.

Where is a "timeshare appraiser" going to come up with reliable timeshare sales? Look, save yourself the money and the trouble -- look at all the distressed timeshares for sell on e bay, or anywhere else on the internet, and you'll quickly get a good idea what your timeshare as a resale is worth -- next to nothing!

You'll be lucky if you can get 50% of what you paid for it, if you can even sell it at all!

You want to know why? Because timeshares' value lies in USING them, not selling them. They cannot be classified as regular real estate, or even a regular investment! Timeshare appraisal is a lie!

A lot of times, when you go to list your timeshare with a timeshare resale company, they say that they require you to get a timeshare appraisal before they can list your timeshare.

They then recommend you to an appraisal company that they own! It is a total racket! I don't recommend listing your timeshare with a timeshare resales company in the first place (Best Method Selling Timeshares).

My question to you is why are you trying to sell it? Is there something wrong with it? I've put together my Buy Right Rules. After reviewing those, does your timeshare violate some of those rules? Or is it that you just don't use it?

If you're not using it that is a whole different issue. If your timeshare possesses the criteria in my Buy Right Rules, and you go on vacation every year, then why aren't you using it?

See Why Timeshare  and Buying a Timeshare for the reasons I maintain timeshare is a good thing.

I encourage you to re-evaluate your timeshare and how you can use it to enjoy first class dirt cheap vacations. Whatever you decide, though, don't fall for timeshare appraisals.

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