Timeshare All-Inclusives. Ahhh the Bliss of Doing Nothing!

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I have a theory that wives & especially mothers value timeshare all-inclusive vacations more than anyone in their family can even imagine!

I mean, you love your husband, you love your children and you do the things you do for them because you love them.

Or you're doing too much because you've decided it's easier then talking them into doing things the way you want or doing anything at all!

Either way, when you get to be pampered in a first class all-inclusive resort it's hard to put that kind of delight into words! It's so "otherworldly" from your daily reality that you just giggle -- and no one else quite understands!

It's so funny because I've actually known women who said they would rather stay in a hotel and don't want anything to do with a timeshare because there is a kitchen!

Come on ladies, we've got to get some backbone! Just say "no" to cooking on vacation, except for popping microwave popcorn to watch a movie or throwing those little square chocolate chip cookies in the oven (unless you're trying to save money like I was when I started, then everybody has to pitch in!) 

Even better, require an all-inclusive vacation at least once per year! You deserve it! Make it part of your domestic contract.

If you are incredibly blessed to have a husband and children that equally share the household responsibilities, then you will all be giggling that giggle! Who doesn't like being pampered once in awhile?

Here's how you do timeshare all-inclusives. Simply call up your exchange broker, RCI or II, (See Buying a Timeshare) and tell them you want to trade for an all-inclusive resort.

Remember, you also get a resort directory each year to shop from. Look for the Key to see what icon they are using to designate all-inclusive resorts, then choose where in the world you'd like to go and look for all-inclusives.

You can also go online. I prefer to call RCI to book, but booking online with II is pretty easy. I find II's website a little more user-friendly than RCI's.

If you own Worldmark (See The Best Bottomline) you will be able to see what's available and confirm the exchange before you give up your credits. This is exclusive to Worldmark vacation ownership.

To book timeshare all-inclusives with any other timeshare, you'll need to deposit your time first.

Timeshare All-Inclusives, Timeshare All-Inclusives

Interested in Mexico or the Caribbean? The lion's share of timeshare all-inclusives are located in Mexico and the Caribbean! I have experienced timeshare all-inclusives in other areas of the world, but they aren't as concentrated and availability is a little harder to come by.

Hey, I'll take an exotic timeshare all-inclusive, no problem! Wow! You'll find nearly every resort in the Dominican Republic is a timeshare all-inclusive! You wouldn't mind this vacation view would you?

You'll trade your time and pay an all-inclusive fee, which makes sense because regular timeshares don't include food and activities. The amount of the fee will depend on the usual factors -- location, season, length of stay and number of people traveling with you.

It can't be beat as a first class dirt cheap vacation!

It's crazy, but I've also talked to people who think they're getting a better deal when they buy all-inclusive packages that include airfare. Be careful! The focus of the package is the airfare, so guess where they're going to skimp -- the accommodations!

Do they ever tell you what kind of accommodations you're getting in the deal? Make sure you don't end up in this!

You laugh like that is not possible. Oh yes it is! I've heard firsthand accounts of travelers being told their "resort" was right on the beach.

Well it was, but there were no walls, and they slept on a cement floor that the "maid" came and washed down with a hose every morning! I kid you not! Now that is just too "dirt cheap" for me!

Don't settle for less than first class dirt cheap timeshare all-inclusives!

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