Risks of Buying Timeshares:
Buy Right, Sleep Tight!

Risks of Buying Timeshares. Hopefully you've already read why I highly recommend timeshare in order to enjoy a first class dirt cheap vacation every year for the rest of your life Are there risks in buying timeshares? Of course. Just like anything else.

The high pressure sales approach that timeshare companies use makes it seem even riskier. Review Buying a Timeshare to see how to avoid the high pressure sales presentation.

You've probably heard a long list of risks of buying timeshares already. Perhaps people you know have bought timeshare and weren't happy. Or maybe you heard about unscrupulous developers or timeshare companies who took the money and ran. I'm not going to kid you, those risks are real.

I can think of a couple of other industries that seem to attract malcontents -- investing, real estate, car sales -- well, I could go on, but you get the idea.

Does that mean you throw the baby out with the bath water? Does that mean you don't invest, don't buy real estate, don't buy a car? No, of course not! It is in your best interest to invest, buy real estate and cars are very handy. So what do you do? You do your homework!

Once you understand the benefits of timeshare, you'll see that timeshare is also in your best interest in order to enjoy first class dirt cheap vacations! I'm here to help you do your homework and avoid the risks.

It's easy to purchase a timeshare you'll enjoy for a lifetime, and your children will enjoy beyond that, once you know what to look for! I've put together these Buy Right Rules to guide you around the risks of buying timeshares:

Buy Right Rules

  • Perpetual Ownership
  • Deeded Interest
  • Floating Time
  • High Season
  • Exchange Capability
  • Trading Power
  • Price Reflects Value in Marketplace
  • Maintenance Fees Reflect Market
  • Rentable
  • Voting Rights
  • Owner's Association
  • Special Assessments Only by Owner Approval

There is no reason for you to settle for anything less -- if the timeshare you are considering does not possess all of these criteria, walk on by. If you purchase a timeshare that does meet all of these criteria, you should feel very good about it and enjoy a lifetime of first class dirt cheap vacations!

The only risk you face now is not using it! You've committed the money, now commit the time.

Your reward? Do I even need to tell you!?

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