Last Minute Timeshare for Rent: Your Choice!

Last Minute Timeshare for Rent. It took me a while to figure out how to nab last minute timeshare.

I was a little scared to try to find something on the internet. I tried a couple times and either had trouble contacting owners, or once I got into the details, things weren't quite as they seemed.  I admit I'm also rather spoiled by having travel consultants, with whom I already have a relationship as a client, handle the arrangements for me! After all, my time is really valuable. Isn't yours?!

For last minute timeshare for rent, which I use when I'm saving up my time for a specific vacation and don't want to use it, I've kind of found better luck with "old-fashioned" routes.

Last Minute Timeshare for Rent

Hopefully timeshare rental directories online will soon become more reliable -- that would be great! (Hey maybe we should do one here! Hmmm...we'll have to see how it goes!) For now, I want to share three ways that I've scored last minute timeshare for rent.

1) RCI and II (see Why Timeshare for an explanation of these exchange brokers and how they work) not only will sometimes send me promotions that I can use without exchanging my time, I also have looked online and called in to see what last minute timeshare for rent they might have. There are always cancelations and, of course, resorts that are currently in their low with vacancies to fill. If I'm flexible enough, I can almost always come up with something fun! And they handle everything for me. Ahhhh -- I love that part!

Last Minute Timeshare for Rent

2) If I didn't come up with something that really made my socks go up and down, then I have resorted to contacting a resort directly to see if they have any last minute cancelations or vacancies! Some resorts will do that, some won't.  It's worth a shot, especially if you're trying to head to a specific location and nothing is showing up as available through RCI or II. I have been able to rent a condo last minute on a holiday weekend doing this! Be brave!

3) I saved the best for last! This is now my very favorite way to find last minute timeshare for rent! Worldmark Bonus Time. (for an explanation of Bonus Time, review The Best Bottomline.)

I can book 1-14 days in advance for domestic and 1-30 days in advance for exotic Worldmark resorts for my last minute getaways. I just pay a tiny bit of cash.

For instance, we called up Worldmark travel on a Friday in high season coming into a holiday weekend and found a resort in Whistler that had a cancelation for a Sunday night.

We only paid $46 for the night in a location where the average nightly rate is $300!

Three more great reasons why timeshare is the way to go if want to enjoy first class dirt cheap vacations all year around!

Last Minute Timeshare for Rent

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