High Season Timeshare: Buy Right Rule Number Four

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High Season Timeshare.  I'm amazed at what happens in the high pressure of a timeshare presentation -- the salesperson is pressing for a sale and pretty soon you're down to the money and they finally show you the cheapest way to "buy in."

The problem is the cheapest might end up being worthless to you and you're better off moving away from the table, holding onto your pocketbook tightly, and making your way for the door.

This is the case at least with traditional timeshares that still sell weeks. In the case of my choice, Worldmark, you're talking credits instead of weeks (see The Best Bottomline) and all credits are "high season" -- but you still want to make sure you have enough to meet your annual vacation needs.

You see, when there are 52 weeks in the year, not all of those weeks are desirable times to vacation, but the timeshare company is going to sell all of the weeks anyway! Don't be a sucker!

Honestly, if buying high season timeshare will take food off of your table -- then it is not time to buy timeshare at all! I say that -- and here comes the "but," -- but if I could figure out how to afford it as a strapped single mom, I know you can. It's about priorities.

The last thing you want to do is let some commission breath salesperson talk you into less than high season timeshare because it's cheaper! 

Do you know why it's cheaper?

There's a good reason it's cheaper to buy a low season week (or not enough credits to do anything) -- because it's next to worthless! 

Here's the deal. While we'll get into the details in upcoming Buy Right Rules - Exchange Capability and Trading Power, you must not settle for less than high season timeshare so that you are poised to trade it for other places you'd like to go, or other weeks you'd live to vacation besides the week you're buying.

If you allow yourself to get suckered into less that high season timeshare, you're stuck! You won't be able to trade it because no one will want it and if you're going to make use of it yourself -- you're braver than me because you'll have to explain to your family why you're in Florida during hurricane season every year for vacation, and not only do you have to pack your luggage, you'll need emergency supplies!

Just don't do it! A lot of angry timeshare owners who flood the resale market with "desperate to sell" timeshares allowed themselves to get suckered in. Well who's going to buy it -- now they're trying to sucker someone else?


I just can't help it! I have to point out that buying high season timeshare days rather than high season timeshare weeks is a much better way to go. Flexibility -- it's the name of the game.

You want maximum flexibility in choosing where and when you're going to spend the most important time of the year with the people you love. I own a high season week at Polo Towers.

It's always easy to trade and not a bad week to go to Las Vegas myself if I was so inclined.

But Worldmark's credits totally trump my week! (see a sample credit chart at The Best Bottomline). Credits are always high season. You'll just use a few more to go in high season than you will low season -- easy!

The key is to make sure you have enough to travel high season to begin with so you have maximum choices. The dollar difference, when you break it down, is miniscule compared to the smiles when you can take you're family where you want when you want (based on availability -- the early bird gets the worm!).

After all, look at those eyes -- who deserves it more?

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