Exchangeable Timeshare:
Buy Right Rule Number Five

Exchangeable Timeshare

Exchangeable Timeshare. In my book, this Buy Right Rule competes for number one! Would I have bought a timeshare if I couldn't exchange it? Absolutely not! The bohemian gypsy in me would not allow it! And because there are so many possibilities out there you shouldn't either.

Owning an exchangeable timeshare might be what fits today's crazy lifestyles the best.

 Thanks to RCI and II, you can literally vacation in over one hundred countries choosing from over 4000 timeshare resorts -- and the industry is just revving up!

You must make sure the timeshare you are considering buying can be exchanged through these trade brokers. Take my Polo Towers timeshare in Las Vegas, for example. I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but Las Vegas is the last place I want to go every year for a vacation.

I never would have bought a timeshare there if it wasn't an exchangeable timeshare. I knew there would be high demand year round (from all the people who disagree with me and do want to go to Vegas again and again!) so I'd be able to easily exchange for the places I do want to go, which is just about every where else!

Timeshare Exchangeable

You also don't want to buy into a timeshare company that can only take you to a few places and are not members of RCI or II. No matter how glitzy they make their 10 locations sound, a timeshare like this pales in the marketplace and is not worth the money!

I've seen one that offers you only nine resorts (that they own), and then you have to buy "packages" in addition to go anywhere else! They are so NOT competitive and I wouldn't touch them! Make a timeshare developer earn your business and referrals -- RCI or II first year membership should be included in your purchase price! Period!

Now, in addition to being an exchangeable timeshare, you need to remember that the timeshare you are considering needs to pass ALL of my Buy Right Rules or it is not worth buying.

 These Buy Right Rules are MINIMUM requirements in today's timeshare marketplace. My best pick, for instance, meets and far exceeds these minimum rules! (See What Are The Best Timeshares and The Best Bottomline). Please make sure to review them all.

For instance, you might run into a timeshare that is exchangeable, but it is in a location where nobody wants to go for vacation -- so they only have low and mid season timeshares.

You might be willing to go there to visit family -- but vacation? Worthless! Review High Season Timeshares to see why.

Exchangeable Timeshare

There are other exchange brokers besides RCI and II. I would advise you not to buy a timeshare that only offers access to these smaller brokers for the same reason -- lack of choice. Why? It's fine if access to these smaller brokers is added on top of RCI or II, but don't settle for less than the world! Why should you?

Exchangeable Timeshare is a must.

Go have fun

Exchangeable Timeshare

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