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Europe Dirt Cheap Flights. Can you believe how expensive flights are to some European destinations? For instance, my son lives in Aix en Provence. It's not quite the French Riviera, but it's close enough to affect the airfare! The best airport to fly into is Marseille. But it is really cost prohibitive! We're talking thousands!

I looked at it from every angle I could think of. Then my son and I were talking one day and he shared his secret how to get Europe Dirt Cheap Flights.

I taught my kids everything I've learned about enjoying first class dirt cheap vacations, and now they've surpassed me! It's like they live on a vacation! Oh well, that's as it should be. It's the "college of life."

 If you're kids become smarter than you, you've done your job, right! Besides, I encourage both of them that this is the season of their lives to travel, travel, travel! It's nice to know they listened to SOMETHING I said -- just kidding you two! I know how blessed I am!

My son has been traveling all over Europe and even down to the northern tip of Africa. He flew home to the States twice so far this year. I knew he had to be getting really good deals, but wasn't sure how he was pulling it off!

"It's easy, Mom!" he tells me. When he explained, it made so much sense!

Ever heard of "island-hopping"? Well that's sort of what he's doing. Now I've spoken to people from Europe that live here in Vancouver and they confirm it! They do the same thing to go home and visit.

London-Tower-Bridge - Europe Dirt Cheap Flights

Here's how it works to get Europe Dirt Cheap Flights!

  • Think of each European destination as an island
  • Research the cheapest European entry point
  • Book that flight
  • Then book an "island-hopping" flight to your intended destination!

Taaaa Daaaa! There you have Europe Dirt Cheap Flights!

Let's look at an example of building your own Europe Dirt Cheap Flights:

I keep seeing London out of Vancouver for cheap CAD! That cracks me up because it costs more to fly to Seattle! Toronto usually costs double! 

Incidentally, I realized when I was a road warrior not to try to figure out a logical "system" for determining the lowest airfares. I learned that it is about hubs, not logic! I also learned how priceless my travel agent was to me. I could never replace her expertise on all of this, nor do I want to! I have other things I'd rather think about.

Sometimes, when you're in the thick of an internet airfare fog, you'll save the travel agent's fee many times over by telling them what you've found and letting them take it from there.

 I highly recommend establishing a tight relationship with your favorite travel agent. It makes sense to keep somewhat on top of what your favorite airlines are doing as a company, where their hubs are, what flights they run, too.

They "spoke out" from their hubs to the most profitable locations, simple. It's business.

Monaco-monte-carlo-castle - Europe Dirt Cheap Flights

I'm still trying to learn about airlines that service Canada and how. That will help me even more. But meanwhile, I know the way to get Europe Dirt Cheap Flights is to go ahead and book into London., even though my intended "European Island" is Aix en Provence. Then I will book a flight from London to Marseille.

Europe is so geographically tight that this is just considered a "hop and a skip" by air. Even though they are located in two different countries, it is really like booking from Vancouver to Calgary, or New York City to Chicago, "as the crow flies."

My son said he has gotten these "island-hopper" flights for as little as $50! That's not always the case, but when airfare to Marseille is over a thousand dollars from Vancouver, it's guaranteed to be a HUGE savings!

There you have it -- Europe Dirt Cheap Flights!

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