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An Economy Car Rental hardly sounds like the avenue to a first class road trip, but you'd be surprised how it increases your chances. Let me explain.

I actually figured this trick out by accident. When I have had really short trips I've rented economy cars. But I started noticing a pattern. Often, when I booked the most popular economy car rental, I kept getting offered free upgrades to first class mid or full-size and even luxury cars!

Now here's a first class dirt cheap deal if I ever saw one!

Hmmm. So, I decided to take a chance and try it, even when I had a long trip and really needed a mid to full-size car. It worked!

I'm not sure exactly how it works behind the scenes, but apparently they overbook their most popular economy cars, like an airline overbooks seats. But, instead of getting begged by the airline to take another flight with the enticement of flight vouchers and having to wait (ugh!) -- with car rental you get offered an immediate free upgrade! I'll take it!

Caution! In your excitement of being offered a free upgrade from your economy car rental, think about what the free upgrade is going to cost you in gas!

I've noticed they'll usually try to put you in their SUVs -- and it's funny the way they try to "Vanna White" it, like it's such a hot item. I think, "Geez, where have you been? Checked the price of gas lately?"

4 Wheelin'

I would never, ever agree to an SUV unless I was going 4-wheelin'! Even though you see SUVs in downtowns everywhere, growing up in a little Colorado mountain town, I just smile and shake my head. Silly people! That's like sitting on a horse that's standing in the back of a pickup truck! Why? What a waste of a good horse, and what a waste of a good 4-wheelin' vehicle!

On a more serious note, what a waste of natural resources. Visions of America being dependent on oil from elsewhere enter my head and then I instantly flash to the "Never Give Up" sign I've seen over and over standing in a cornfield, and I want to be the frog reaching out with a death grip on the pelican's neck as she's being swallowed!

No! Use your economy car rental that they've overbooked to hold out for that first class dirt cheap great on gas car!

Happy Trails!

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