eBay Timeshares Buyer Beware!

Yeah, I know! If you've ever endured a timeshare presentation, then gone to ebay timeshares and looked up the timeshare you just saw for $18,500 and find it for a fraction of that, or just open for bidding, I'm sure you thought, "Wow! Timeshares are worthless!" 

They ARE just about worthless at ebay! They are just about worthless if you try to sell them through any of the other timeshare resale gimmicks, too!

I can see the scenario now. A couple makes it through the timeshare presentation in one piece, and decide to make the commitment to vacation and purchase.

They're all excited until they get home and tell their family and friends. It's like they brought home the plague! I can just hear it, "What did you do that for? Are you an idiot?"

Or, a couple purchases without doing due diligence and find out too late that the timeshare they purchased has no trading power.

Humm - E Bay Timeshares

These are just two examples of what happens to cause people to try to "dump" their timeshares.

Why are the ebay timeshares, and other timeshare resales, so cheap?

Simple supply and demand.

The timeshare resale market is completely saturated! You see "distressed timeshares" and "dirt cheap timeshares" everywhere.

Auction - E Bay Timeshares

Don't forget what ebay is. Have you ever been to an auction? I remember the auction barn in the little town where I grew up. Every Wednesday night they held an auction. It was fun to go and see how cheap people could get stuff for.

That's the whole idea of an auction, right? And, of course, everything was sold "as is" with no warranty. Ebay is an auction online! It may be a good place to buy rollerblades, but timeshares?

I can't, in good conscience, advice anyone to buy from ebay timeshares! And, if you've already seen Best Method Selling Timeshares, you know my take on selling timeshares.

Case in point, I can go on e bay and look up the timeshares I'm an expert on -- Polo Towers and Worldmark by Wyndham. The seller tells you you'll get all of the benefits buying their timeshare you can get if you buy a timeshare package from the developer.

I quote from a Polo Towers ebay listing: "This week originally sold for $26,800 when purchased from the developer. Purchase this exact ownership NOW at a fraction of the original price! This item is a NO Reserve auction and will be sold to the highest bidder."

There is no mention of several benefits that I have with my Polo Towers ownership. They can't offer these benefits at resale, they are available only from Polo Towers, so it is hardly the "exact ownership," now is it?

Developers are not stupid! They know they have to provide exclusive value.

Worldmark by Wyndham is another example. They claim the same thing on ebay timeshares, but you can not get the Travel Share Package unless you buy from Wyndham. Without Travel Share, you only have access to Worldmark's 60+ resorts! With Travel Share you have access to RCI's over 4000 resorts -- and, most importantly, only with Travel Share can you break up RCI weeks into short stays!

not sure asian - E Bay Timeshares

A timeshare purchase is too big of a decision and commitment to buy at an auction like ebay timeshares, or as a resale, in addition to the fact that you don't get some of the benefits that make them worth owning

Would I own Polo Towers without being able to trade through Interval International or cruise through Ice Gallery. I can answer emphatically "No!" I didn't buy in Las Vegas because I like Las Vegas, because there are a million other places I'd rather be. I bought in Las Vegas at Polo Towers so I had maximum trading power!

Would I own Worldmark without being able to have their Travel Share Package? Maybe, because they have so many resorts under Worldmark -- but honestly, I really enjoy traveling abroad and they don't (yet) have many resorts abroad, or even beyond the West Coast, so I don't know!

The only time I could even consider buying from ebay timeshares would be if I had purchased my first package from the developer, and I wanted to purchase more time. But, I would only go that route if I couldn't find an owner through the Worldmark owner's forum who wanted to sell their time.

Any time you even want to buy more time, whether from ebay timeshares or not, you must do all of your homework. The seller claimed that they have such and such time banked, and that all the maintenance fees are paid, etc., etc.

You BETTER verify before you even think about writing a check. You'd better be able to confirm that they are an owner in good standing!

If you surveyed all the people selling their timeshares, I wonder how many have even really used their timeshare. That is the real shame here. It has nothing to do with the timeshare itself. That has to do with not making vacations a priority.

Timeshares aren't to buy and then sell, they are to USE! That's why selling them doesn't make any sense, as you can plainly see on ebay timeshares!

Since I'm on a mission to help people enjoy a first class dirt cheap vacation every year for the rest of their life with the ones they love I hope to get this message out to the world!

It's not about this:

E Bay Timeshares

It's about this!

Son dad Kayak - E Bay Timeshares

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