Dirt Cheap Rental Car

Dirt Cheap Rental Car

A first class dirt cheap rental car will set you up to road trip in style! As a road warrior who craves a long, gritty road trip every so often, and as a business traveler who lived in rental cars four days a week, I've learned a lot of tricks along the way! I'm happy to share.

Best Car Rental Deals I always add an extra step or two when I book a rental car in order to make sure I'm getting the best first class dirt cheap deal I can. I'll share my two to three step process!

Cheap Rental Car Ever been given a tiny, clunky, stinky (smokey) box as a rental car? There's a big difference between cheap and "cheap." I'll show you how to make sure you get one without the other!

Cheapest Rental Car Rates Getting the best quote isn't enough to ensure you're getting the cheapest rental car rates. I'll help you make it through the "counter duel" in one piece without spending one penny more than your original quote!

Economy Car Rental Rent the most popular economy car you can! Yeah, you heard right! This actually increases your chances to get the "first class" part! I'll explain.

One-Way Car Rental I just did a 1300 mile road trip doing a one way car rental and walked out with my receipt that wasn't one penny more than my original quote -- and a smile. I'll tell you how I did it!

Rental Car Deals Getting the best quote and winning the "counter duel" is almost to first class dirt cheap rental car deals -- but not quite! You're not there until you've turned in your car and left the rental counter having spent not one penny more than your original quote! This last trick takes some pre-planning. I'll tell you all about it!

I'll be adding more Rent Right Rules -- but this should do for a bit. Now go enjoy a road trip -- oh, and don't forget your road trip music! Can't do a REAL road trip without it!

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