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First Class Dirt Cheap Flights. Take it from a veteran business traveler who spent a good part of each day on a plane, first class isn't just for the rich and the road warriors!

I went from having hundreds of thousands of hard-earned frequent flyer miles to zero after I retired. I literally had so many miles that I had no idea how I would use them all!

Believe me, a few flights across the world and they're easily used up.

After retiring, I then had the challenge of figuring out how to acquire first class dirt cheap flights without the benefit of being a business road warrior. I figured it out and I'll happily tell you how!

I don't really recommend becoming a road warrior to rack up frequent flyer miles -- especially in our new security reality. Honestly, I'm one of the few who was a cheerful road warrior, and actually loved flying -- until 911.

I was stranded in Houston. When I finally could fly out, someone stole my laptop (translation: life) while I was being frisked on the other side of the room!

 I still blush thinking of the love letter emails from my husband some thief is reading! Flying just wasn't any fun anymore and I decided to hang up my road warrior wings.

I only fly for leisure now, and it is still an ordeal. You have to do research before you go these days to see what new security measures are in effect! Is it no shampoo or is it only 4 oz. of shampoo in clear plastic bags? 

The new reality makes flying first class even more precious! I have been known, though, to give up first class in order to make my miles go further.

This may be one example where quantity occasionally outweighs quality. If I could squeeze one more trip out of my miles in a year rather than go first class, I'll do it! But that's your call.

Remember, my mission is to help you change your life and enjoy a first class dirt cheap vacation every year for the rest of your life with the ones you love. Let's make that happen!

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