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Cheap Cruise Travel Packages

Cruise Travel Packages. Have you been on a cruise yet? I love them! If I had to pick just one thing I love about them I'm not sure I could, but all-inclusive, and do-nothing would be near the top of the list!

I've decided that whenever we have a new hemisphere to discover I want to do cruise travel packages first and just taste this port and that, then decide which places we like well enough to book a resort stay!

 You're (relatively) safe on a floating, all-inclusive resort and you can just dip your toes in a new destination to see how it suits you. In my opinion, it's the ultimate way to explore.

I remember the first cruise travel package the kids and I went on. We decided to try a little three-day cruise out of LA to see how we liked it. We just sailed down to Encenada and back.

It was a long process to get on the ship. When we stepped in, it was like stepping into another world. Shameless opulence. From that point on, my kids went crazy and I melted into the happiest state of nothingness I'd ever experienced! I know my kids would have moved in permanently if they could, though our room was a little tight.

Note to self: never do less than a balcony or a suite on a cruise again.

Ice cream - Cheap Cruise Travel Packages

My only frustration the whole trip was having to go find my 17 year-old daughter at 3 am in the ice-cream & pizza parlor that stayed open all night. My son had already worn himself out and was fast asleep.

I knew just where to find her and I knew who would be there -- that cute Italian boy that had been trying to get her attention at dinner! (Why can't other parents of boys hold them to a curfew, too!) Yup!

"It's 3am?! Mom, I lost track of time!" It's hard to reason with teenagers that just because this floating city stays open all night doesn't mean you can stay up 24/7. I have to admit, if I was a teenager I would have lost track of time, too!

When we got back the kids were talking about all the things they did -- a dizzying list! Then I would be asked what I did. I would smile and reply, "Absolutely nothing."

Fresh fruits - Cheap Cruise Travel Packages

My husband and I just went on a cruise travel package to the Mexican Riviera -- once again it was like living in a floating dream! It was just the right balance of ports and sea days -- although I've haven't heard so much Barry White since the 70s! Mr. Romance. Now whenever I hear him, I'll be transported back to hedonistic dining with rainbow mountains of fresh fruit all around and mermaids swimming on the ceiling.

We definitely plan to include one cruise a year in our vacation repertoire.

Cruises can be cost prohibitive though unless you have a few angles. I'm happy to tell you mine. 

sunset romance - Cruise Travel Packages

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