Companies Who Buy Timeshares, or is it Steal!

Companies Who Buy Timeshares. I'm not known for mincing words, so breaking this to you gently is a challenge for me. First, you might want to sit down.

Hmmm, a comparison might help me be more gentle. Have you ever seen the ads "We Buy Ugly Houses"?

 Out of curiosity one time, I called the phone number just to see what they would say. I learned real quickly that they don't really give a hoot what character or value your house might have, they're just trying to pick up houses for next to nothing!

They don't really even want to take the time to see your house. They're looking for "distressed houses" which translates to "desperate to sell."

Companies Who Buy Timeshares

I also had someone contact me when I had my little 3 acre farm in Colorado for sale. My little farm was very unique, and subdivisions were going up all around me.

 If you don't sell within the first two weeks, it seems, these "bottom-feeders" will contact you (not your agent) and see if you're desperate to sell, hoping they can get it for a song! I was aghast!

 They could care less what the appraisal value was, what the loan balance was or certainly, how much you paid for it. It was nuts!

Are you starting to catch my drift here? What do you think companies who buy timeshares are looking for? You got it -- "distressed timeshares," "dirt cheap timeshares" and desperate sellers!

Now, I'm trying to help you realize how to take dirt cheap vacations with timeshare, not encouraging you to sell "dirt cheap timeshares!"

You're hammock is waiting!

Hammock at the Beach - Companies Who Buy Timeshares

Honestly, I feel like the whole "desperate seller" thing is a state of mind, not a state of affairs! I was a single mom when I bought mine. Did I have to spread the butter pretty thin?  Yes. Would I ever be willing to take 1/10 of what I paid for my timeshare from companies who buy timeshares? No!

I've researched the top companies who buy timeshares. The one who floats to the top of the heap has a formula already laid out telling me what they're willing to pay me for my Polo Towers 2-bedroom lock-out, for instance. 

It is literally 1/10 of what I paid! They've never seen it and they don't care to. Guess how much they'll give you for a low season week (with qualifications) -- $100! Desperate is the key here.

So let's talk. Why do you want to sell your timeshare? You're going to have a hard time convincing me on the desperate thing. Is it just that someone, family or friends, told you it was a bad idea? I have my Buy Right Rules to assess your timeshare purchase. How does your timeshare stack up? Is it so horrible that you can't see any value in it for you, your family, your friends, your children? Or is it that you aren't using it?

If it is that you're not using it, let's be honest -- you're not taking the time to use it. Ouch! That means you're not taking time out for yourself and the people you love to vacation every year.

Believe me, I know life gets crazy, and life can feel like it's doing you instead of the other way around. But are you honestly willing to take 1/10 or worse for your timeshare from companies who buy timeshares rather than look at all the options you have to use it, or let a youth group use it, or use it as a gift each year until you can catch a breath for yourself to go?

Take a look at Using Timeshare and see if you can come up with something -- then it will be there for you when you're able to grab back the reins to start taking your own first class dirt cheap vacations!

Kids in horse buggy - Companies Who Buy Timeshares

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