Cheap Rental Car

Cheap Rental Car

Let's talk about a "cheap" rental car. This is going to be just a little ditty ( little ditty 'bout Jack and Diannnneee. Oops! Don't know why John Mellencamp's song just popped into my head! Back on topic>) but I can't do a section on first class dirt cheap rental cars without it!


There is a big difference between cheap and "cheap." Our goal is to have one WITHOUT the other! Have you ever climbed into a tiny, clunky, stinky (usually after a smoker -- don't want to offend anyone, we do practice the Golden Rule here, but I do believe if I smoked I could admit it stinks!) box that was signed over to you as a rental car? This, my friends, is a "cheap" rental car.

No-no-no! Don't climb in and drive off, switching between holding your nose and holding the door closed! You can't possibly do even a short trip with the wind in your hair -- unless you are purposely in a convertible!

Get yourself out of that "cheap" rental car, march yourself back in to the counter and state that the car is completely unacceptable! Hopefully you brought a print-out of your quote, and nowhere does it state "tiny, clunky, stinky box!"

If they don't have another cheap tiny clean box -- they'll have to upgrade you free!

My point is, never, ever, I mean never, leave the car rental lot without doing an inspection of the car to make sure it is NOT a "cheap" rental car!

Not only is it your right -- it is your protection! What if you bring this "cheap" rental car back, or worse, take it on a one way, and you get blamed and charged for the state of this car?

It could happen! It's a free way for shady car rental places to get their cars fixed! Even the most reputable places have tried to put me in "cheap" rental cars! If they are not all the way "cheap" -- they are not clean or have scrapes and dings that are not recorded, so I could be held responsible.

Even the nicest looking car -- you must inspect every inch and record even what seem like tiny blemishes, especially in the glass. A pit today is a crack tomorrow! Windshields aren't cheap. And even if your insurance is going to cover it, we all know what happens when we make claims. The idea is to have insurance -- but not make any claims!

You are paying to rent a nice, clean, worry-free car not a "cheap" rental car. If you booked an economy car and they don't have one that is nice, clean and worry-free then you'll be doing dirt cheap and first class with a free upgrade! That's what we're after, anyway, isn't it?!

You work hard for your money. It doesn't matter if you book the least expensive car they have. Don't ever settle for a "cheap" rental car!

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