Best Method Selling Timeshares: Don't!

I know, it's chaos out there trying to figure out the best method selling timeshares. So I know you'll be shocked with my best advice: DON'T!.

I don't know about you, but I bought timeshare to USE! It would be tough for you to convince me you are no longer interested in taking first class dirt cheap vacations! So why do you want to sell it?

Did you buy right?

Check out my BUY RIGHT RULES:

--Perpetual Ownership

--Deeded Interest

--Floating Time

--High Season

--Exchange Capability

--Trading Power

--Price Reflects Value in Marketplace

--Maintenance Fees Reflect Market


--Voting Rights

--Owner's Association

--Special Assessments Only by Owner Approval

Okay, now let's make an assessment of your timeshare. Check off how many of these criteria are NOT met by your timeshare. Possibly you bought at a resort that turned out to have poor Trading Power. That tends to be the #1 complaint of disgruntled timeshares owners wanting to sell.

Perhaps you bought at a resort that doesn't have perpetual ownership, and is just a right-to-use.

Perhaps you bought a timeshare from a company that keeps hitting you with "special assessments" and keeps increasing the maintenance fees.

Okay, the challenge here -- and I know you don't want to hear this, but let's be realistic -- who are you going to sell it to? Who is going to want to buy it? I assume you have already seen the reality of 50% or less of what you paid as a selling price. Because of these three reasons alone, the resale market is completely saturated!

I know you came to this Best Method Selling Timeshares page with something different in mind. But is there anyway to find a silver lining and figure out how to use your timeshare? If you still believe in the idea, and you buy right, see Buying a Timeshare, you would be able to exchange your time into more valuable credits.

If you just don't see a way to use your timeshare and you feel completely burnt no matter what I say, to where you would never buy another timeshare, then here is the Best Method Selling Timeshares: the best advice I can give you is to skip all of the timeshare resales shady business happening on the internet, and try to contact other owners at the resort where you bought.

Your best chance of selling would be to find an owner who is satisfied with just vacationing at that resort location and would like to purchase more time there. You still will be looking at market value, a fraction of what you paid, but at least you would have a chance of selling to someone who finds genuine value in your timeshare.

You would also be maintaining your integrity and wouldn't be faced with trying to play up something you don't believe in to an innocent, trusting, prospective buyer looking for a good timeshare. That way you're not joining in with the crowd just passing around a timeshare leprosy. That's got to stop somewhere! I hope that is important to you!

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